What makes Wilson’s top posts so popular? Creative Strategist, Amanda Coronado, audits and tells. Plus, get her hot take on social styling.

I’m Amanda, a creative strategist with an 8-year apparel background and 4 years in E-commerce.

Why Wilson:

As a big tennis fan, I go to the US open every year and have loved seeing how the sport inspires the latest fashion trends. Wilson is an iconic sporting goods brand. It’s led the industry over the past century, constantly innovating and forming partnerships with prestigious athletes. 

So I’m combining my passion for tennis, fashion and the future into this Creatrix Visual Audit focused on Wilson’s Instagram Social Styling.

Here’s my hot take on how Wilson can increase engagement, grow their audience and ultimately make more sales with Instagram Social Styling.

I audited their posts from Jan 1st 2023 – May 13th 2024 and here is a snapshot overview of their most engaged posts.

Compared to the current creative strategy of their feed, which is busy and includes many bright colors. 

What works best: 

The top 10 posts are mostly simple shots focused on products and models, highlighted in the center of the frame. Overall the color scheme is neutral with small pops of color so they should leverage this classic palette in their future posts. The vibe is minimal, sleek and sophisticated.

Based on the colors their audience gravitates towards they should style their feed with whites, blacks, and greys. Also infusing tints of bright orange, dark green, and navy blue within the shots will help to balance out the aesthetic. Including a white boarder to their posts will help bring a fresh and clean look to their Instagram page.

Through repurposing their most popular content that already get’s the best engagement, into a stylish content calendar, they save money, time and resources with posts that have already proved to be the most popular.


The Wilson Instagram is chaotic, multi-colored, with no clear direction. It looks haphazard and unplanned. It doesn’t fit with the Wilson brand’s emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. 


Here’s how I’d re-style their Instagram, to clean it up, give it a revamp, and make their Instagram aesthetic aligned to their established brand ethos.

I reused their most popular posts, focusing on the selected color palette, and including a white post border.

From Chaos to Co-ordinated Calm.

From multi-colored to a set color palette.

From Haphazard to Consistent.

Behind The Scenes

Here’s how I worked with Creatrix to do the visual audit and what I could do next:


  • Post Emulations on the most popular posts
  • Content Forecast Plan for the month ahead of what works best
  • Creative Strategy with next steps into campaigns
  • Audience Sentiment Report of Wilson fans and customers

Next Steps

I was awarded the Creatrix Grant for my Visionary Ability and am part of the Creatrix Percolator, offering Instagram Social Styling Services to brands. Reach out to chat more.

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