We reveal Gabor Maté’s top Instagram posts to create viral content targeting audiences who are concerned with living well. Social Impact Strategist, Lucia Ribisi, audits and tells: “What Makes Gabor Maté Go viral?

Hi! I am Lucia Ribisi, a Social Impact Strategist, Ecofeminist researcher, and artist – studying how to promote peace most effectively on social media, using Creatrix. I connect artists and social movements to create unforgettable impact campaigns for a more sustainable and just future. Follow along here: www.instagram.com/peace_media.mp4

I manage Instagram for Amplifier Art, a creative nonprofit amplifying the most important movements of our times – and other social movement accounts. Across accounts I have over 250K followers. I previously managed TikTok accounts with 2M followers.

Vulnerability = Virality

In this post I’ll show you…

  • How the opportunity to support a meaningful cause reaches broad audiences
  • How to create viral content based on comments from an account’s top posts
  • Top themes to use for your content pillars – without sounding like a salesperson!
  • How raw, honest play can help you create content to level up your audience engagement

Why Gabor Maté?

While working on an impact campaign for a film project, the mental health thought leader Gabor Maté came up – having distributed his film to an audience of 80 Million people. What are the specific topics that resonates with so many people and how can other alternative wellness advocates reach broad audiences through Gabor Mate’s insights.

I needed his audience insights and so used Creatrix to audit his Instagram- to understand how he reaches broad audiences most effectively. 

Joy and Aging: Human Insights with Gabor Maté.

The first thing I noticed: Two posts are a lot higher performing than any of his other content.

The top post has 2.8 Million views whereas the second post has 200K and all other posts are less than 100K. 

The first post is about choosing joy over validation to create a more meaningful life, and the second post is about gratitude and celebration for 80 years of life.

To understand Maté’s audience better, I clicked “Audience Sentiment,” generating these results:

Audience Sentiment:

You are a sensitive and compassionate person who values connecting with others and making a positive impact in the world. What draws you in is a sense of community and the opportunity to support a meaningful cause.

Theme 1: Personal Growth and Reflection

  • Post 1 resonates with those who are introspective and seeking validation, prompting them to reflect on the importance of finding joy in life’s simple pleasures.
  • They likely think about their own validation-seeking behavior, feel a sense of reassurance that they are not alone in this struggle, may say they need to prioritize playfulness and joy in their lives, and be motivated to take action to make changes.

Theme 2: Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

  • Post 2 attracts individuals who are caring and empathetic, inspiring them to support vulnerable persons in Gaza and Israel.
  • They might think about the impact they can make by supporting these causes, feel a sense of fulfillment in helping others, say they are committed to making a difference, and take steps to donate or raise awareness.

Theme 3: Health and Well-being

  • Both posts touch upon the importance of mental and physical health, connecting with individuals who prioritize their well-being.
  • The audience likely thinks about how their actions impact their overall health, feels motivated to take care of themselves, says they will prioritize self-care, and takes action towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

Next Steps for the Brand:

  1. Foster a sense of community and support: Create opportunities for audience members to connect with each other, share their stories, and support each other in their personal growth journeys.
  2. Collaborate with influencers and experts: Continue to feature influential figures like Dr. Gabor Maté to provide valuable insights and guidance on important topics that resonate with the audience.
  3. Amplify social impact initiatives: Showcase more ways for the audience to get involved in philanthropic efforts and support causes that align with their values, fostering a sense of purpose and making a positive impact in the world.

Human Insights

Based on these insights, it is clear to me that Gabor Maté’s audience wants his honest vulnerability about how to live well. Looking for balance, peace and longevity – when Gabor Maté posts photos and videos about himself from his life – audience engagement is high.

Then I asked Creatrix to generate analysis based on the comments section of these top posts, to understand how they were engaging with the content.

Key strategic takeaways from the comments:

  1. The audience resonates with the message of finding a balance between work, achievement, and play. They emphasize the importance of prioritizing joy and playfulness in life.
  2. Many express gratitude for the valuable insights shared in the podcast, indicating a desire for more raw and truthful conversations that focus on essential aspects of life.
  3. Some comments highlight the challenges of achieving work-life balance and suggest that play is often seen as a privilege. This indicates a need for more support systems and resources to help individuals prioritize joy and simplicity in their lives.


Targeting broad audience requires a sophisticated understanding of the human condition. Creatrix is the only AI social media listening tool offering market research based on real data.

Inspired by these findings, my strategy for our impact campaign is based on developing community resources about living a long and joyful life.

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