When did auditing go from conventional to creative? From dull people crunching numbers, and pushing papers to the dynamic futurists, reimagining creative strategy: Content Auditors are modern-day muses.

From Conventional to Creative

Content auditing is traditionally dry and uninspiring. It’s a hamster wheel of running past numbers and spitting dead facts. That’s because traditional auditing is focused on the history of things that already happened. Facts into stats. Not exactly thrilling…

But in 2023 content auditing underwent a transformation. Now it’s an essentially creative process.

From Traditional to Visionary

The traditional approach is evaluation through analysis.

The visionary approach is data translation into an action plan. There’s nothing stagnant about it. It’s now completely dynamic.

Content Auditing becomes an integral practice that keeps creative deliverables fresh, relevant, and compelling.

Out of Analysis and into Action

Hello Creatrix

So how did content auditing become so cool? It got cool because it got creative. And it got creative with the invention of Creatrix: the original, first-of-its-kind Content Auditing Software For Creative Strategists.

Creatrix is a content auditing, analysis, and forecasting platform in one that merges science with art.

It’s the creative AND business approach to content marketing.

Creatrix uncovers insights, identifies patterns, and develops a creative strategy that resonates with your dream audience in a granular and visual way.

Creatrix blends visuals with the data they belong to so that insights are obvious to both the creative team and data analysts.

The results?

Undeniable Next Steps

Instead of dry and dusty spreadsheets you now have a practical and visual action plan the entire team can get on board with. Creatrix creates a forecast plan that speaks to the truth and answers a traditionally impossible question: what happens next?

Typically social media analysis spreadsheets, charts, and graphs get dumped in a dark corner never to be looked at again. They’re a box to tick and not a road map to the future. In reality, the analysis is ineffective and a waste of resources because no one knows exactly what to do with it and how to work with it.

That’s because it doesn’t translate into anything. It doesn’t speak to the creative team in a language they understand. No one is able to interpret the numbers and percentages into any real meaning.

Analysts can’t offer any creative support to new ideas because there are so many variables, it’s impossible to empirically prove anything of value. In no way shape or form does a 20% engagement increase over a certain time frame offer clarity on what to post next.

It’s like analysts are measuring everything except for the actual elements that matter: Why a specific post works holistically. We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – so why are we only analyzing the separate parts?

Creatrix shows what really happened and here’s the magic: WHY it happened. It offers immutable proof for the Creative Strategist.

And so businesses get to tap into the power of data-driven insights and a creative genius strategy to create content that stands out and sells.

Creatrix: Your Mentor & Muse

At the heart of Creatrix is the concept of the “content muse,” who translates the data to inspire new content that is both engaging and effective based on results.

The “muse” is supported by the “mentor” who audits and analyzes metrics that matter (like engagement instead of reach) and cuts through data overwhelm by only pulling the top-performing posts into a visual drawing room for easy assessment.

Your Next Content Plan Sorted…

Creatrix combines content auditing and creative strategy.

Seeing is Believing

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