Why are “trends” the secret ingredient in big brand success? How do you spot future trends, and adopt them before anyone else does?

What’s in a trend?

More than just a fleeting fad or a momentary buzzword, a trend is a reflection of collective consciousness— a zeitgeist that captures the prevailing mood, interests, or sentiments of a specific group or society at large.

It’s like a snapshot of what matters to people at a given time, whether that’s a certain color, a specific style, or even a social or political viewpoint.

When something trends, it’s because it has struck a chord, often fulfilling a need or desire, validating a belief, or offering a solution.

A trend is not just about what’s popular; it’s about the power of resonance.

The power of trends is resonance.

Resonance, in this context , is the emotional or cognitive echo that a trend generates, compelling people to engage with it, share it, and integrate it into their lives.

It’s not just about a catchy hashtag or a visually appealing design or meme; it’s about the psychological impact that these elements have on an individual and, collectively, on a community or even society at large. A trend reflects where we’re at, what matters and what we believe about the world.

So when a trend resonates, it’s because it speaks to deeper needs, aspirations, or concerns. Maybe it validate a group’s values, offers a solution to a pervasive problem, shares an alternative perspective or provide a means of expression that people didn’t even know they were seeking. A trend strike a chord, fulfills a need or desire and validates beliefs.

This resonance can manifest in various forms, from the aesthetics of a viral fashion statement to the ethos of a social movement.

For businesses, tapping into this resonance is transformative.

When leveraged correctly, a resonant trend can amplify your brand message, develop customer loyalty and connect on a deeper level. Your business get the chance differentiate in a saturated market and even open doors to new markets.

In essence, a trend is a valuable data point, a clue into the hearts and minds of your audience.

Leveraging these data points means that your business goes beyond social buzz, to create meaningful and lasting impact with your audience.

But it’s not about mindlessly adopting every popular fad; it’s about discerning which trends align with your brand’s identity and your audience’s needs. First ask yourself: What’s the specific group this trend relates to?

If the group aligns with your target audience, then you need to understand the components of trends so that you can apply them to your messaging.

Understanding the components of trends

Tangible Trend Elements

These elements can be easily seen, touched, or measured:

  1. Color: Specific color trends can be easily identified and quantified.
  2. Design: The layout, graphics, or architecture of a product or space.
  3. Hashtag: Represented by a specific string of characters that can be easily identified and quantified.
  4. Visual Appeal: While the “appeal” part can be subjective, the visual elements (like images, videos, etc.) are tangible.
  5. Meme: Specific visual or textual content that gets shared across platforms.
  6. Fashion Statement: A particular piece of clothing or accessory that becomes trendy.

Intangible Trend Elements

These elements are more conceptual and can’t be touched or easily measured:

  1. Mood: The emotional tone or atmosphere surrounding a trend.
  2. Interest: General attention or enthusiasm towards a subject.
  3. Sentiment: Public or collective feelings or attitudes.
  4. Style: A more nebulous concept that involves a certain aesthetic but isn’t as easily quantifiable as color or design.
  5. Viewpoint: The perspective from which something is considered or evaluated.
  6. Integration: How well various elements blend or work together, often in a seamless or holistic manner.
  7. Aspiration: Hopes or ambitions that drive interest or participation in a trend.
  8. Concern: Worries or issues that are on the public’s mind.
  9. Value: The worth or importance attached to a particular item, concept, or practice.
  10. Alternative Perspective: A differing or unconventional viewpoint that becomes trendy or widely considered.
  11. Expression: The manifestation of thoughts, ideas, or feelings, which could be in various forms but is intangible as a concept.
  12. Ethos of a Social Movement: The guiding principles or beliefs that drive a social trend or movement.

Keep in mind that some elements can have both tangible and intangible aspects. For example, a “Fashion Statement” could be considered tangible when looking at the physical clothes themselves, but the message or sentiment they convey could be intangible.

Trend Alchemy is turning collective moods and mindsets into creative expressions.

Creatrix uses advanced algorithms and ai to identify trends ahead of time and applies them to your particular brand so that you can leverage them.

Here’s how Malva Media Agency used Creatrix to spot trends in Coca Cola to accurately predict their next big move and how Creatrix validated Kim Kardashian’s hot pink Instagram posts before her next Skims launch.

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