Social Media for Startups

Grow Your Audience on Social Media

Gain social proof

Attract early adopters

Create a waitlist of future customers

You know you need social media but don’t have the budget to hire great talent, let alone an entire marketing team!

You wish you could hire someone off Fiver to post for you, but you also know there’s no point in churning cheap, bad content that doesn’t align with your goals. So, you’re stuck.

You want a simple, strategic solution to social media success. Fast.

Congrats, you’ve just found it.

Imagine If:

You knew the top trends from your industry  (and had them applied directly to your business)

You knew what your audience wanted and how they felt (and could refine your messaging and offers accordingly) 

Got the competitor reports on their most successful campaigns (and could leverage their success into your strategies)

Had an entire Content Forecast Plan drawn up for you (based on industry excellence – at the touch of a button) 

This is is just some of what Creatrix will do for you…

Get insider intel into the success secrets of the biggest brands in the world!

No more guess work. Only do great work.

How It Works

Here is a quick overview of a basic Creatrix Marketing Model. Book a call for a custom demo based on your specific requirements.

Want to trial Creatrix?

If you can dream it, Creatrix can do it. All your strategic decisions, marketing materials, and more. It’s a LOT. So if you want to start small, start with the Post Of The Day where we send you exactly what to post every day in May.

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For all the details on Post Of The Day, click here.