Emulation provides a proven blueprint that not only saves you time but also serves as a launchpad for innovation, allowing you to build on what already works in your industry.

Recreation: Customized Inspiration

Recreation is not copy and paste.

It’s about taking a top-performing framework and refining it to suit your unique brand, audience, and goals.

Less Cover Song – More Sample Sound

Think of it as the difference between a cover band playing someone else’s hits and an artist sampling a classic to create a whole new sound.

For example, you might emulate a successful email marketing campaign from a top-tier company in your industry. Rather than copying it word for word, you adapt the email subject lines to better resonate with your specific audience, tweak the call-to-action to align with your brand voice, and customize the content to spotlight your unique product features. This is recreation—drawing inspiration from proven strategies while making multiple adjustments to suit your unique business style.

From “Shot in the Dark” to “Hit the Bullseye”

Emulation guides your efforts toward what’s already working, helping you target your audience more effectively.

From “Starting from Scratch” to “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from the successes and failures of those who have gone before you?

From “Guesswork” to “Great Work”

Emulation reduces the risks associated with experimentation, providing you with a reliable path to achieving your objectives.

From “Resource Drain” to “Resource Gain”

Instead of wasting time, money, and energy trying to find a starting point, emulation allows you to begin with a solid foundation, freeing up resources for other business-critical tasks.

How Do You Create An Emulation Plan?

Here’s a simplified and summarized overview for you:

Start with selecting the Instagram account URL (for example: Hubspot) and entering it into your Creatrix to audit for you.

Creatrix scans through the thousand of posts and ranks them into a visual audit of the top 10 most popular posts (based on likes).

Now you have a snapshot overview of the best posts. Creatrix highlights the standout posts (based on performance metrics) and you’re able to add notes (with your own insights) to the standout posts.

This is your drawing room and after this stage it’s time to put the insights from the top posts into action and generate your new marketing deliverables.

You can choose whatever you want to generate.

Today, we’re generating a Hubspot emulation plan.

So you tap the emulation button and instantly get 3 new ideas generated for each of the top posts.

Now you can decide if you want to create all the ideas or simply select one or two…

Here’s our Creatrix example with one emulation post created for each of Hubspot’s top posts…

Hubspot did a “Working from home seating chart” and we emulated a post called “Working from home”.

Hubspot did “5 Global Instagram Engagement Trends for 2022” and we emulated a post called “Instagram Trends 2024”.

Here’s the full selection of top posts into our emulation posts.

We also adjusted the dates to 2024 (cause we’re future forward like that!)

But that’s not all we generated and created.

To get our entire living HubSpot Emulation Plan, click here.

You’ll get instant access to Your Million Dollar SaaS Content Plan.

Plus our living HubSpot Emulation Plan as we continue to add to it with new ideas, sparked from the Creatrix emulation ideas.

AND included is a second plan from our second HubSpot Audit – because one audit is not enough. You need new audits regularly.

Emulation Plan Results

Stay tuned to Creatrix on Instagram to get our up to date emulation plan results.

And try out an emulation plan to see the results you get!

If you don’t own a Creatrix yourself, contact one of our Emulation Plan partner agencies, like Malva Media to do one for you.

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