In our uncertain financial landscape, what are our major concerns, fears, and dreams for our futures? We look through the lens of a leading global institution, JP Morgan to get some answers.

When it comes to checking out the pulse of the people, social media is the smartest stethoscope we have. Every day millions of people vote for what matter with what they interact with and what they ignore.

So if you want to know what your audience cares about most, just look at the screen in front of you.

Decoding the Deluge: Making Sense of the Overwhelming Financial Data Landscape

In an era of information overload, it’s easy to overlook what’s right in front of us.

Social Media accounts, abundant with data and visuals, can often be overwhelming rather than enlightening. The challenge isn’t a lack of information, but knowing which part is most important and how it connects to the bigger picture. To navigate this complex maze, we use Creatrix to decipher what matters most and transform confusion into clarity.

Take the Best. Ignore the Rest.

Data relevance is time sensitive. What worked on social two years ago, doesn’t mean it works today. So when taking a read, a 12 – 18 months of data is ideal.

Here’s a snapshot overview of JP Morgan’s Instagram Account with an 18 month review.

JP Morgan’s Top 10 Posts

Creatrix Selection Method

Breaking down the Creatrix AI decision making process.

The top 3 posts have the most likes. More than double half of the top 10 posts.

We analyzed the top 7th post because it had the most comments from the top 10.

We added the top 5 posts + the 7th to our drawing room to get a comprehensive overview of top trends for supporting posts. [Supporting posts are posts to keep doing and recreating. They form a solid baseline of the content plan. So posts that show “A Day In The Life” working at JP Morgan and JP Morgan International locations work well. They should continue to form at least 50% of the content strategy.]

But because the top post led by 748 likes, we focused on that as our Star Post and based our new content strategy on that.

Creating posts based on the star post should form at least 30% of the content strategy and push up the baseline of best content to higher engagement and audience growth.

Finally, we recommend 20% Wildcard content that hasn’t been posted before. Because blue features so obviously in the top 10, unexpected blue content is one idea to push the boundaries of JP Morgan on social. [That’s another strategy and post entirely.]

Creatrix Drawing Room

For the purposes of this mini-review, the Content Calendar Forecast is based off the star post only.

The #1 Star Post

#Caption Tightening financial conditions and ongoing geopolitical issues will continue to impact the global 🌎 #economy in 2023. Watch our Instagram Story to explore the key factors #JPMorgan Research expects to shape #markets 📈 and economies in the year ahead.

We titled this post: Blue Skies at JP Morgan because the picture shows blue skies and a JP Morgan building.

Star Post into Content Forecast Plan

A Quick Overview


  • Format: Single Photo
  • Content: A photo of a globe wrapped in a tightened belt.
  • Caption: “Kickstart your week with awareness! Understand how tightening financial conditions are shaping our global economy. See our stories for details. Stay tuned to prepare for it with JP Morgan. #FinancialFuture #JPMorgan”


  • Format: Carousel Photos
  • Content: A series of photos showcasing different global regions and how geopolitical issues are affecting their economies.
  • Caption: “Geopolitical tensions are playing a significant role in our economic landscape. Swipe ➡️ to understand the unique impacts on different global regions. #GlobalImpacts #JPMorgan”


  • Format: Video
  • Content: A video tutorial on utilizing JP Morgan’s digital banking tools to navigate through tightening financial conditions.
  • Script: “Tightening financial conditions need not be intimidating. With JP Morgan’s digital banking tools, navigate through them like a pro. Watch this video to learn more.”


  • Format: Infographic
  • Content: An infographic explaining the relationship between financial conditions, geopolitical issues, and their impact on the global economy.
  • Caption: “Understanding the world’s economic fabric can seem complicated, but not with us. Dive into this simple infographic to comprehend how financial and geopolitical forces are shaping the globe. #InfographicThursday #JPMorgan”


  • Format: Hot Tips
  • Content: A post with tips on preparing for and managing during periods of tightening financial conditions.
  • Caption: “Preparation is key to weathering financial storms. Swipe for some hot tips to manage your finances during tightening financial conditions. #FinancialStorms #JPMorgan”


  • Format: Single Photo Series
  • Content: A photo showing a team member of JP Morgan advisors, ready to assist clients.
  • Caption: “In a world of uncertainty, *name of JP staff member* is here to guide you. Our team of experts is ready to help you navigate geopolitical issues and tightening financial conditions. This is *name’s* hot tip of the day for you “insert her hot tip” Visit us today. #GuidingYou #JPMorgan”


  • Format: Best Banking Practices
  • Content: A post on how to implement best banking practices to mitigate the effects of tightening financial conditions.
  • Caption: “A well-informed client is a secure client. Learn about the best banking practices that can help you mitigate the impacts of tightening financial conditions and geopolitical issues. #InformedClient #JPMorgan”

Forecasted Results

Rolling out this content strategy, JP Morgan is set to see their engagement and followers shoot up.

It’s like sparking off a hot conversation topic that’s already gotten attention – it gives people more to talk about, equipped with insights and knowledge they care most about. Followers start sharing posts and the buzz spreads. Before you know it, more and more banking clients are drawn to join the JP Morgan community. And that’s what Social Media does best – it gives businesses, brands and banks the power of word-of-mouth in action!

What Matters Most

The financial world can be a bit of a rollercoaster, full of ups, downs, and loop-de-loops. But if you stop to listen to what people really want and care about, then work out a solid game plan for your content, you’re onto a winner.

It’s not just about getting likes and shares, but also about helping folks navigate through the financial whirlwind. And for the industry leaders like JP Morgan, this is their chance to draw in more customers, make their content shine, and keep leading the charge in the banking world.

Don’t forget: in a world that’s drowning in data, it’s all about zoning in on what matters most to your audience and letting them light up the way forward. That’s what Creatrix does and that’s why it powers all our Creative Strategies at Malva Media.

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