Post Of The Day

Grow Your Audience on Social Media

Get Your Post Of The Day emailed every weekday for a month.

Imagine If:

You knew exactly what to post to grow

You never got stuck in analysis-paralysis again. (We’ll brainstorm and generate ideas for you from top performing posts in your niche.)

No more nervous procrastination while you wonder if your idea is good or not.(We’ve got real-time data to prove that these ideas already work.)

You just create the fun stuff!

Cause we’ll support you with a dedicated Creative Strategist and Data Analyst.

How it works:

Name the Instagram or TikTok account you’d like to emulate

We’ll audit the account to get their most popular posts

Based on most liked posts, you’ll get 6 post ideas sent to your email by Noon EST every day, ready for you to create and post.

You create your post and then post and grow…

What does my Post Of The Day Include

You Get 6 ideas posts emailed to you every weekday:

x3 Emulation Posts: Each with Captions, Hashtags & Emojis

x1 Video Post: With Title, Subtitle, Visuals/Design Brief, Hashtags & Emojis

x1 Carousel Post: With Title, Subtitle,Visuals/Design Brief, Hashtags & Emojis

x1 Image Post: With Title, Subtitle, Visuals/Design Brief, Hashtags & Emojis

Choose one or combine them all

Example of your first POTD Email

Get insider intel into the success secrets of the biggest, brightest Creators in the world!

Why it works:

You post ideas that have PROVEN SUCCESS so you already know people enjoy the content.

You don’t need to come up with a billion new ideas and hope they work.

You’re only posting what works best and ignoring all the rest!

You’re in charge of your choices: Customize each post to suit yourself.

Take the stress out of what to post next with a solid system in place.

How Much Does Post Of The Day Cost?

A Social Media Creative Strategist and Data Analyst typically costs around $ 12, 500 per month ($ 150,000 per year), but you get direct access to POTD for ONLY $ 1,000 per month.

Apply For The $900 Artist Grant

If you’re an artist (performer, actor, singer, dancer, comic, clown, influencer, or content creator) or you’re building a personal brand in theatre/film/arts, then you can apply for the $900 Artist Grant to get the Post Of The Day 90% covered by Creatrix.

Apply For THE $900 The SMM Grant

If you’re a Social Media Manager or Marketer for yourself or someone’s business/brand, then you can apply for the $900 SMM Grant to get the Post Of The Day 90% covered by Creatrix.

Success Stories

1600% TikTok Growth in 1 month

Crafter Founder

Morgan Spenla

X10 Video Views from 1st POTD Reel

Black Goddess Within Founder

Dr. Giavanni Washington

136% Sales Increase in 1 Month

PillowScript Founder

Dihandria Bright


Who POTD perfect for?

  • You have a brand you’re actively building.
  • You know how to design and film social media posts.
  • You’re serious about growing your audience and increasing engagement on social media.

I’m not sure I’m ready for POTD?

You’re not ready for POTD if:

  • You don’t know how to use Instagram or TikTok.
  • You don’t know how to take pictures, film, or design social media posts.

No worries – if you’re just getting started, get some training at Create Business Academy and when you know how to use Social Media, have a brand and a plan, come back here and enroll!

What if I want to change the account I’m emulating?

You are welcome to change the account you’re emulating!

You don’t just get ONE Account to emulate. After you’ve posted 5 times, if you want to change your POTD plan and emulate another account, you can! Simply send us the URL for the new account and we’ll change your emulation posts of the day for you. During the 30 Day Challenge, you can choose up to 3 accounts for Creatrix to emulate for you.

Don’t worry, we’ll send you all the information before you start!

Can I post ALL of the 6 posts?

Yes! You may post 1 – 6 of the posts, once a day or multiple times per day. You may also choose to post each of the 6 post ideas one day at a time. As soon as you need more posts, reply to our email and ask for your next batch of ideas posts.

How do I get a custom Creatrix Model for myself?

POTD is based on the Creatrix Emulator model, but there are many more possibilities available to you depending on what you need. Explore Creatrix Custom Model Options here.

Questions? Need something more? Book a call and let us know!