Post-Event Customer Converter

Your event is just the beginning. Here’s how you convert attendees to customers with Creatrix Tail End.

Event’s End, Conversion Begin

You’ve invested in the event to capture attention of your ideal customers.

NOW Transform Engagement into Sales: The best time to convert interest into sales is right after your event. Creatrix harnesses this peak of audience attention with targeted, compelling social media campaigns designed to draw leads into your conversion funnel when they’re most engaged.

How It Works

Get Specific not Generic Strategies

Creatrix audits the top social media accounts in your niche to focus insights on the most relevant data sets only.

Based on top insights, all your strategic deliverables are generated.


You’ve bought the attention of prospective customers by establishing your presence at the event through engaging booths; compelling presentations; sponsorship etc… Now the sales runway starts…


Collect attendee data via sign-ups like scanning website QR codes, exchanging business cards AND offer connection through your social media, newsletter, and blog.


Follow up post-event with thank-you messages, social media connections, and LinkedIn invites. AND if they’ve connected with your links, make sure it’s already a welcoming place so that they stick around (Creatrix will help you prep for stickiness).


Don’t just post janky event pictures and text-heavy flyers. Deliver fresh, valuable content keep your brand top of mind.


Everything you’ve done has prepped the sale. You present offers and your audience self selects to buy.

(Creatrix analyzes your post-event campaign and generates strategic improvements with a data-backed content plan so that you keep selling long after the event is done.)

How much does it cost?


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Turn Post-Event Buzz into Business

Don’t leave your ROI to chance. It’s easy to think that the event itself is enough but it’s just the start. Without a tail end plan, leads quickly disappear. Here’s what changes with Creatrix:

From Event to Sales

Your Event Encore: The best moments from your event deserve an encore. It’s not enough to post behind-the-scene pictures. You need resonant, relevant content that your future customers care about. Speak to their struggles and desires so that you reach them where they’re at, and provide your solution as what they need next.

What Do I Get?

Your Content forecast plan is your post-event booster to get you more engagement and audience growth on social media.

You don’t need to spend more on paid ads because your prospective customer’s eyes are on you. All you need is to keep their attention with data-driven organic content to complete the conversion process.

Social Media Account Optimizer to turn your profiles into waitlists of future customers.

Custom Analysis Reports to get insider intel; success strategies; understand the hearts and minds of your audience; keep your pulse on what people want most and stay ahead of the curve.

Sustain momentum after your event with our follow-through formula. Get all your Post-event conversion materials to grow your sales funnel pipeline and nurture your future customers.

Creatrix identifies key performance engagement metrics in your vertical and aligns them to your post-event business goals. This means every dollar you’ve spent is primed for conversion.

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