Real creators don’t hack. Embracing authenticity above the algorithm is where it’s at. Let’s unpack. Yes, it’s a rap. Do-be-bop-zap-ratta-tat-tat!

Why Creatrix Prescribes Wildcard Content

The goal of Creatrix is a future of Creative Excellence.

Our mission is percipient innovation and that means combining the best super tools ever invented into a Metatron-esque configuration to serve you predictable content success.

We’re thinking 20 – 50 years ahead because what works today won’t work tomorrow.

And we understand that the moment everyone has equal access to winning on social media, because Creatrix succeeded in democratizing and demystifying content marketing, it actually means Game Over for traditional social media success… and a new way of play emerges.

So while we’re able to bring you the best of the best, we don’t advocate for the Content Curators and Growth Hackers who currently succeed on social media.

Our founder, Lauren Wallett has an entire alternative business school called Create Business Academy which is the anthesis of Gary Vee and advocates for Creativity.

Leave Room For Wildcard Content ☕️ ⚡️

Creatrix prescriptive AI software gives you 80% content that works best and leaves 20% room for wild card experimental content that supersedes your baseline content, pushing you further and further toward creative excellence with each generated content forecast.”

– Extract from Fluke or Trend? Breaking Down Viral Videos for Sustainable Success

Artistry vs The Algorithm

We currently live in a world where the pinnacle of content marketing experts is Gary Vaynerchuk. In the same world that gave us Prince and Bowie, Garry Vee is the man most content marketers look to as inspiration.

Artistry got replaced by the algorithm and this meant that social media growth hackers tended to win at social media.

But Creatrix means that now everyone can win on social media, so what happens next?

Your Best Is Yet To Come

If you’re an original creative person, of course, you didn’t “win” at social media when it was the age of the Girl Boss, Tech Bro and Influencer.

You’re probably less plastic-flowers-stuck-on-a-restaurant-wall and more wildflowers super blooming. You’re a lot harder to contain and categorize.

The Age of the Original Thinker

The future won’t be filled with content curators, reporting popular opinions and news updates.

It will be original thinkers who don’t keep up with trends, they set them. Creatives who are their own niche. Uncategorized. In their own lane.

They don’t quote Tim Ferris at you. They don’t quote anyone. They add their own voice into the mix.

They’re ahead of their time and typically fly under the radar slowly building an almost cult-like following no matter what they do. These are the creators to watch out for. They’re undeniably who they are, no holds barred, impossibly themselves – as it changes and evolves from month to month.

They’re unpredictable, you’re unpredictable and so is our future…

I know, a prescriptive AI blog that predicts the future saying the future is unpredictable… YES!

Chaos and creativity go hand in hand. Unpredictability is the ONLY predictable so how do you prepare yourself for that?

You get comfortable in the liminal, shadowy in-between spaces where true creative potential is born. Inside the dark emptiness of the open seed crack – that a giant oak tree grows around.

You prepare yourself for the unexpected.

From Meta to Theatre

It’s like theatre, baby! Live performance: Volatile, dynamic, unexpected, and unpredictable.

And the show must go on!

The game changes but that doesn’t mean you stop playing.

It just means that how you show up, dress up, and step out into the spotlight of social media (or whatever virtual stages we have in the future) looks different.

It means that the future of social media, and media in general doesn’t look the same way it’s always looked.

Less picture-perfect polished and more improvised performance art.

And That’s Why…

And that’s why Creatrix is not just predicting your future success, it’s preparing you for it with adding Wild Card content into your generated content forecast.

Your best success is yet to come. You get to make it all up as you go, from one progressive iteration to the next.

We’ll show you what works best, what never to do again, and suggest ideas you’ve never even tried yet. That’s the magic. That’s the future. You didn’t see it coming.

But Creatrix did 🔮 😉

Quick Win

Want a quick win today?

Instead of using Creatrix to audit your accounts, or your competitor’s or comparable accounts, audit an artist.

  • Design your visuals from art.
  • Write your captions from songs.
  • Derive your campaign’s from theatre or films.

Step way outside the box, like there is no box because the box is an illusion.

Think less Gary Vee and more Grace Jones.

Or, just get started with Creatrix and we’ll guide you toward Creative Excellence with our wildcard generator and do the heavy lifting for you.

The future doesn’t have to terrify you, you can go gently into the dark night.

Creatrix will light your way.

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