Can your brand stand out by stepping back from social media? Soul Cycle’s top-performing posts reveal their audience’s desire for no-phone zones IRL. How does this translate online through digital marketing? We audit and tell…

“You’re exactly where you should be.”

Soul Cycle’s promise is that “You’re exactly where you should be.” Through stationary bike ride classes, they offer fitness classes that ride to the beat with choreography, with high energy music playlists, and coaching from instructors.

Soul Cycle’s top 10 posts in over a year [March 1st 2023 – March 18th 2024]

The top 4 posts with the most likes and comments reveal what their audience values most. (They like being told what to do.)

They love the in-person, real-life experience of being at Soul Cycle. As you can see in the visual audit above, that includes:

  • No phones
  • Being kind to staff
  • The Soul Cycle class
  • Soul Cycle Etiquette

The “no phones” post is almost double the 2nd most popular post, clearly showing us what Soul Cyclers value most.

What happens when your audience craves no-phone zones?

The irony is, that the post about “no phones” was liked the most from people on their phones. Social Media is often aspirational, and what’s most popular reflects what we’d like our lives to be, even if they aren’t like that yet.

Is “no phones” a trend to what out for?

While data reports that Social Media isn’t dying yet, when people vote for what they like most, it’s vital that business listens. And so when your most popular post in 383 days is literally a sign that states “no phones” you can assume it points to the idea that your audience likes the idea of less screen time.

To follow this obvious trend, how do you plan ahead to reach your audience through social media when they’d rather not be on their phones? Is there another approach to take?

Let’s start by examining the Soul Cycle’s current social media landscape to determine best next steps.

Soul Cycle’s Instagram feed [March 18th 2024]

Redesign: Based on what their audience loves, Soul Cycle could remove all yellow branded content. If they’re going to do graphics, it should be black and white just like their most popular “Soul Cycle Etiquette” post.

Repeat: Keep doing in-class videos.

Redo: 3 out of their top 10 posts are sign posts so that should be a occurring post style they use.

The Audacious Move

But, at Malva Media, we’d advocate for an audacious move.

Advocate for more phone-free time by creating a distraction free social media page.

  • Archive all the posts.
  • Stop posting.
  • Update the bio to reflect the bold campaign.

Take the money saved from content creation and social media management to create an in-person community driven campaign.

Instead of competing for attention in the crowded online space, Soul Cycle becomes an advocate for the “phone-free” zone movement.

Meet them where they aspire to be.

This silent revolution in social media marketing elevates their audience to to where they aspire to be.

Will Soul Cycle do it? Let’s wait and see…

And the meantime, do you know what your audience wants most? How could you restructure your digital marketing budget to best reflect your audience sentiment and do you even need social media to grow your business?

Chat to us to get your next steps.

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