Uncanny Prediction: From The Campaign To Collaboration And Colorful Cans. How did we know that Coca-Cola would launch multi-colored cans and collaborate with the gaming community BEFORE they announced it?

It’s Uncanny!

We predicted that Coca-Cola would launch multi-colored cans and collaborate with the gaming community—before they even announced it. And guess what? They did exactly that! Now, you may be wondering, “What in the Black Mirror?” Well, it’s not rocket science and it’s not clairvoyance.

It’s straight-up Creatrix: your crystal ball for market trends.

Here’s a quick visual recap:

Start With Creatrix

Add the URL of any account in the world. Like, Coca-Cola. Customize your dates and AUDIT.

Get Your Visual Audit:

In 2-seconds get your visual audit of the account’s top 10 posts. Tap each one to expand the post and scroll through carousels, watch the videos and even return to the origin post on Instagram if you like. Make your content notes (or get our Creatrix AI to write content notes for you) on the highest performing posts of the top 10, or let Creatrix pre-select for you.

Go To The Drawing Room

Inside the drawing room all your notes are summarized for you. Make any changes you like and then tap the magic button to get your creative strategy (or whatever else you’d like generated). We chose a Creative Strategy because we wanted to get a list of all Coca-Cola’s top strategies and then expand on each one based on our own unique blog template.

Create In The Studio

Create whatever you like in the studio. We choose a few blog titles and generated blogs like:

The Future Looks Pink In Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy Forecast

Prognosis Pink: How Creatrix Powers Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy Forecast and Content Calendar Creation

Here’s a close up:

Create Your Marketing Deliverables. E.G. A Blog

Our unique blog template is based on insights from the Creatrix Audit:

  • The Top Post Of The Year
  • Most Impressive Style
  • Supporting Posts
  • Best Instagram Image

Under each section we generated a:

  • Subtitle Description
  • Creative Insights
  • Next Steps Into Campaigns

What Post Predicted The Future Correctly?

The post that accurately predicted EXACTLY what Coca-Cola announced a few days later was from The “Most Impressive Style” (The second most popular post from their audit). See it here for yourself.

And sure enough, a few days later these pictures appeared with the full campaign, collaboration and colorful cans.

Uncanny Prediction: From The Campaign To Collaboration And Colorful Cans.

Prediction Meets Reality

So when Coca-Cola announced their new line of multi-colored cans along with a partnership with popular gaming titles, we weren’t surprised. We were prepared. Creatrix had pinpointed these exact trends, giving us the confidence to predict Coca-Cola’s next move in a highly competitive market.


So, that’s how we did it and you can do it too. You just need your own Creatrix.

Ask Yourself

What if you had a sneak peek into the future plans of industry giants—

Knowing their next product designs down to the colors, understanding their market positioning strategies, and discovering their upcoming collaborations with key communities and influencers?

What could you do with that kind of intel?

We have a few ideas… read more here: Predictive Insights: The Crystal Ball for Business Strategy

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