Hashtag Insights

Get The Top Hashtag Insights For Your Brand. Turn Insights Into Strategies That Drive Sales.

What’s a #Hashtag?

Hashtags link posts into searchable categories on social media, allowing users to find similar content easily.

#Hashtags Help Brands To:

  1. Organize your content within niche categories.
  2. Expand the reach of your posts beyond your followers to expose your content to a broader audience for increased visibility.
  3. Increase your brand’s relevance with trending hashtags for better engagement.

Creatrix: The Unbiased Truth

Remember, what you see on your social media feed is based on your algorithm and not what’s most popular to the majority. Creatrix audits show you the unbiased truth.

#AI on Instagram

[As of 27th May 2024]

The Problem With Your #Hashtag Explore Page

The problem with visiting the Explore Hashtag page on social media is that they’re not the most popular posts. Everyone is shown different posts so it’s not a reliable source for insights. See for yourself.

#AI Audit on Instagram

[As of 27th May 2024]

The solution?

Creatrix Audited Hashtag Insights

Now you get the insights from most engaged posts within a hashtag from every account on the platform. Unbiased. Instant. Honest. The Creatrix automated analysis provides detailed, relevant insights that drive targeted, effective social media strategies.

Creatrix turn these insights into custom deliverables:

  • Post Emualtions
  • 30-Day Content Forecast Plans
  • Creative Strategies
  • Audience Sentiment

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Hashtags versus Hashtag Audit Insights

  • From Broad Overview to Focused Analysis on High-Performing Content
  • From Surface-Level Data to Benchmark Best Practices
  • From Limited Context to Understand Audience Preferences
  • From Basic Metrics to Spot Emerging Trends:
  • From Limited Engagement Strategies to Optimize Engagement Tactics