If the devil is in the details, then the buried treasure is in the data. Aye, matey, your Instagram analytics are nothing short of a treasure map – If you know what you’re tracking and WHY!

X Marks The Spot!

With Xs marking the spots of high engagement and golden posts, knowing what patterns to track is like having the compass that points to ‘More Likes, Saves, Shares, Follows, Sign ups and SALES.’

It’s not just about following the X; it’s about recognizing all the constellations that guide your social media ship through both the calm (tried and tested) waters and algorithmic storms.

Look Again

Doing one audit is like finding a single gold coin and assuming that’s all there is – entirely missing the treasure chests buried all over the island.

Social media is like the sea: ever-changing. The algorithm tides and audience preference currents shift your ‘X marks the spot.’

So, just as a seasoned pirate wouldn’t rely on one outdated map, neither should you stake your Instagram fortunes on a single audit.

To unearthing true digital gold, you need continual exploration. That means: Multiple Audits.

Audits: Cartography For The Digital Age

By strategically varying the durations for your Instagram content audits, you’re not just shuffling the deck—you’re rigging the game in your favor.

Whether you’re setting the spyglass on the long horizon of 528 days or narrowing your focus to the more immediate 100, each sweep uncovers vital cues for your social media odyssey.

This isn’t just number-crunching; it’s cartography for the digital age, charting a course through likes, comments, saves, and shares.

It’s about a nuanced understanding of performance, tailored content, and agile responses to ever-changing sentiments and trends.

You Can’t Navigate An Outdated Map

If you’re not revisiting your Instagram audits, you’re essentially navigating with an outdated map.

Compass & Map: Determine Where You’re At

Your next steps are determined not just by where you want to go, but also by the direction you’re currently facing.

Just like a compass and a map work in tandem, your Instagram audits provide both the ‘here’ and the ‘there,’ guiding you toward your true north of results-driven content.

Buried Insights: What You Really Learn from Instagram Audits

  1. Performance Metrics: Likes, comments, shares, and other engagement metrics can tell you what’s working and what isn’t.
  2. Setting Benchmarks: By understanding the metrics, you can set realistic goals for future campaigns.
  3. Prioritizing Content: Knowing what your audience engages with allows you to prioritize similar content in your strategy.

Why Start with a Larger Pool of Days:

  1. Holistic View: A larger scope gives a more complete picture, which is helpful when initially setting your strategy.
  2. Error Margins: Larger data sets are generally more reliable and give more statistically significant results.

Shifting to Fewer Days:

  1. Timely Relevance: As you zoom into shorter time frames, you can refine your strategy to be more aligned with current trends.
  2. Agile Adaptation: Short-term audits allow you to quickly adapt your strategy to what’s working now.

The Difference in Duration:

+500 Days: This long duration provides a comprehensive view and helps identify long-term trends. It’s useful for annual reports and strategic planning. However, it might include outdated data that’s less relevant now.

(Take a look at our 580-day Instagram Audit for HubSpot and how we used it for a SaaS Content Emulation Plan here.)

Under 250 Days: A more medium-term view, suitable for capturing the performance of specific campaigns or quarterly results. You may spot mid-term trends and recurring patterns here.

(Take a Double Feature: Key Insights from Two HubSpot Audits to see the comparison between the 580-day and 240-day audit.)

100 Days or Less: This is much more agile, suitable for quick adjustments. It’s highly responsive to the current state of your Instagram performance.

Take a look at Double Feature: Key Insights from Two HubSpot Audits to see the insights in action…

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