How do you take combined insights from two audits to generate a brand new content plan? Just like this…

Welcome To Your Double Scoop Hubspot Content Plan

Here’s exactly how we combined the top insights from two audits into a new content plan AND the first post we created based on the plan generated. Plus the new top 5 post plan. With a bonus of new post ideas sparked…

Based On Combining Both Audit Insights

Creatrix then takes these combined insights and generates a new content plan for you. Like this:

Creatrix selects the very top performing posts from the top 10 selection of audit one and audit two. You’re able to write your own notes (or get Creatrix to write them for you).

The combined selection from audit one and audit two open in the Drawing Room (which also gives you a summary of all your post notes).

In the studio you choose the deliverables you want generated.

We choose these exact deliverables to create the blog called, Double Feature: Key Insights from Two HubSpot Audits

  • Insights
  • Trends
  • Metrics
  • Analysis

If you haven’t already, read up on the insights, trends, metrics and analysis in our Double Feature blog and now you’ll get the double-scoop content plan. We’re starting with the 1st post forecast…

Then we’ll expand the first suggested post and create it.

Double-Scoop Content Plan

1. The All-Star Infographic

“Decode the Marketing Maze: Your One-Stop Infographic”

Create a visually engaging infographic that breaks down a complex marketing subject into digestible bites. (Given the performance of infographics in the second HubSpot audit, this seems like a safe bet.)

2. The Evergreen Carousel

“The Marketing ABCs: Swipe Right to Become a Pro”

Carousels have shown to be engaging and particularly good for fostering discussion. The content should be evergreen, perhaps a glossary of essential marketing terms, to ensure it stays relevant over time.

3. The Meme Dream

“When Content Meets Caffeine: A Day in the Life”

Since Barbie memes performed well in both audits, you could attempt your own series of relatable, industry-specific memes to entertain and engage the audience.

4. The Single Shot Character Post

“Meet Max: Your Magic Marketing Maven”

Single-image posts featuring a character have performed consistently well. Introduce a recurring character who offers quick marketing tips.

5. The Discussion Starter Reel

“The Future of AI Marketing: What’s Your Take?”

Given that reels also appeared in the top posts but not as prominently as other formats, you could use this medium as an experimental ground. A reel that ends with a question could engage the audience in a discussion so that it boosts comments.

6. The Text-Only Thinker

“Pause and Ponder: Why Authenticity in Marketing Matters”

The last post in the second audit was a single image of text, suggesting there’s room for this format if the content is impactful. Use this style for thought-provoking quotes or questions that invite the audience to pause and engage.

By emulating these post types, you’ll capture some of the magic that has made HubSpot’s Instagram account successful while also aligning with current trends and audience preferences.

We clicked to expand the first suggested post into everything that goes into it:

Infographic Layout

  1. Header:
    • Title: “Decode the Marketing Maze”
    • Subtitle: “Your One-Stop Infographic”
  2. Introduction:
    • Brief text: “Navigating marketing strategies can be a labyrinth. Here’s your cheat map.”
  3. The Marketing Funnel:
    • Graphic: A funnel divided into stages (Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Loyalty).
    • Bullet Points: Brief explanations and key metrics for each stage.
  4. SEO vs. SEM:
    • Graphic: Two circles that overlap to form a Venn diagram.
    • Text: Pros and Cons of SEO and SEM, with the overlap representing when to use both.
  5. Social Media Platforms:
    • Graphic: Icons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Text: Brief tips on what content works best on each platform.
  6. Content Marketing:
    • Graphic: A toolbox with tools labeled as ‘Blog Posts’, ‘Webinars’, ‘E-books’, etc.
    • Text: Quick stats on the efficacy of different content types.
  7. KPIs to Watch:
    • Graphic: A dashboard with dials for metrics like ‘Engagement’, ‘Conversion Rate’, ‘ROI’, etc.
    • Text: How to measure success.
  8. Email Marketing:
    • Graphic: An envelope with arrows moving in and out.
    • Text: Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing.
  9. Customer Retention:
    • Graphic: A magnet pulling paper cut-out figures towards it.
    • Text: Strategies for keeping customers engaged.
  10. A/B Testing:
    • Graphic: Two identical images, except for one detail (e.g., color).
    • Text: The importance of split testing in optimization.
  11. Conclusion:
    • Text: “You’ve made it through the marketing maze! Keep this guide handy as you plan your strategy.”

Design Elements

  • Color Scheme: Vibrant colors but not too flashy. Stick to a palette.
  • Font: Clean, easily readable fonts.
  • Graphics: Use simple icons and minimalistic illustrations.

Creating a well-thought-out infographic can make complex marketing topics easy to understand and implement.

Use these ideas as a blueprint for your designer to follow. Send it to your team, save to the Google Drive or open in Canva (or your preferred design app).


Blogs, Carousels and More

Ideas spark more ideas.

The same post outline used to create the infographic can also be expanded on by Creatrix to generate a blog post from.

Depending on your particular niche, you could choose other content expansions, like a carousel post. Because Creatrix is focused on Social Media, we chose to generate a carousel on Social Media Quick Tips.

Here’s another very meta example (and not meta in the Facebook name, as in referential way):

Another carousel based on this blog.

Next Steps

Take each idea and adapt it to your target audience in your own style, tone and vibe or ask Creatrix to do it for you.

Get Your Million Dollar SaaS Content Plan Here

Which includes our living example

  • Hubspot Emulation Plan 1
  • Plan 1: with Creatrix Posts
  • Hubspot Emulation Plan 2
  • Plan 2: with Creatrix Posts
  • Combination Emulation Plan
  • Combo Plan: with Creatrix Posts

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