Why settle for a single snapshot when you can have a panoramic view? That’s why we’re into multiple audits. Through our meticulous double feature HubSpot audits, we learned why one glance just isn’t enough, especially when navigating the ever-changing seas of Social.

More Is More

Multiple audits with varying durations—from +500-day sweeping vistas to quick 100-day sprints—offer distinct advantages that go far beyond a basic ‘status check.’

Trends, Metrics, Analysis, and Growth: Decoding Two HubSpot Audits

Hubspot Audit One from 1st Jan 2022 – 7th August 2023 [583 Days]

Hubspot Audit Two from 2 Jan 2023 – 29th August 2023 [240 Days]

Here’s what Creatrix identified from comparing these 2 HubSpot audits.

Comparative Insights:

What are the long-term versus short-term differences to compare?

Time Frames:

First vs Second Audit / Long-Term vs. Short-Term: The first audit, covering 583 days, provides valuable longitudinal data but could include outdated trends. The shorter audit is more responsive to recent shifts in audience behavior and platform algorithms.


What are the content types and themes that are trending between each audit?

Content Types:

Similar or Diverse? The first audit showed a rich mix of content types—single images, carousels, and reels. In contrast, the second audit heavily favors single images, hinting that this format is currently more engaging for HubSpot’s audience.

Content Themes:

Specific Posts: The recurrence of “Barbie” themed posts in both audits reveals a trend. This indicates that such content resonates with the audience and could be further leveraged.


What performance and engagement metrics are being tracked between the audits?

Performance Shift:

Downward or Upward Shift? The most popular post in the first audit collected 10,431 likes and 69 comments. In the second audit, the top post (which was the third in the first audit) only got 1,285 likes and 30 comments. This downward shift suggests a change in audience behavior or a need to reevaluate content strategies.

Engagement Ratios:

By analyzing various engagement ratios, such as Reach-to-Reaction, you can gain nuanced insights into the real-world impact of each post, distinguishing between those benefiting from paid promotion and those thriving on organic reach.

The Comment-to-Like Ratio method of analysis is especially helpful in our current audits, as it reveals the most significant differences between the two time frames examined.

Comment-to-Like Ratio: Despite fewer likes in the second audit, the consistency in the number of comments indicates that the audience is still deeply engaged, just in different ways.

Engagement Growth: The second audit shows more consistency in likes and comments across posts, suggesting a more refined or focused audience engagement.


What posts are consistently popular between the audits?

Top Performing Posts

Or what we call Star Posts (listed below) show up as top performers in both audits. This suggests they have enduring value and could be indicative of what “evergreen” content might look like for HubSpot and SaaS Businesses.

These recurring top performers indicate a couple of things:

  • Long-lasting Value: Posts that appear in multiple audits often provide content that remains valuable over time. Whether it’s a detailed breakdown of marketing channels or a meme that resonates, these posts have a longer ‘shelf life.’
  • Relevancy: The posts that climb up the ranking might be becoming more aligned with current user preferences or industry trends, indicating that it might be beneficial to create more of this type of content.

Carousels & Barbie Memes

The “Top Marketing Channel” Carousel Post: This post was the 3rd most-liked in the first audit and climbed to the top position in the second audit. It seems to be a comprehensive carousel that likely provides value by detailing various marketing channels. It might include insights, data, or tips related to each channel. Takeaway: Comprehensive carousels that offer value and insights can have a long shelf life and continue to engage users over time.

[Standout Content Type: Carousel’s: The first audit’s second post, a carousel, had 121 comments, the most of any post in either audit. This suggests that carousel formats might be better for fostering discussion, even if they aren’t always the highest for likes.]

The “Barbie Meme” Post: Initially the 5th most-liked post in the first audit, it moved up to the 2nd position in the second audit. It’s clear that the “Barbie” theme resonated with the audience. Takeaway: Nostalgia or culturally recognizable themes can capture attention and continue to engage the audience over an extended period.

Analysis Into Action: What’s Next?

New Formats:

The inclusion of an infographic in the second audit as the 3rd most popular post could suggest that this format is worth investing in moving forward.

Like this:

Emerging Formats:

Single images perform best in the second audit, especially those with characters or memes (like the Barbie posts), signaling that these are formats and themes where HubSpot might consider doubling down.

Next Steps

Take each idea and adapt it to your target audience in your own style, tone and vibe or ask Creatrix to do it for you.

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