What exactly are your digital assets and how do you best audit them to maximize their value? Is there more you could be getting out of what you’ve already got? And what is the auditor’s secret you need to know?

First up, what are your current digital assets?

Content – Systems – Tools


Any type of media or information that is stored or accessed digitally, such as website content, videos, or digital images.


Digital tools and resources used for marketing purposes, such as analytics software or customer relationship management (CRM) systems.


Specific software or applications used to create, manage, or distribute digital assets, such as video editing software or social media scheduling tools.

Stale Bread Theory

Business is a dynamic, ever-evolving entity and it needs to be kept fed, nourished, and refreshed. It’s not good enough to put systems and tools in place and leave it at that. Your business will grow stale fast.

It’s even worse with content.

While the best pieces of content become invaluable assets, the low performers need to go – as fast as possible!

While there are few things as delicious in life as eating freshly baked bread straight out of the oven, no one wants to eat stale bread.

Keep it Fresh

You need the basics (your digital assets) but when you keep them fresh you maximize their value and they don’t become stale depreciating assets…

That’s why you audit. Everything.

You want your digital assets valuable, relevant, and aligned with your business goals and target audience, right?

The Squeeze Test

Just like you pinch bread to see if it bounces back, fresh and tasty, your audit is your digital assets squeeze test.

Let’s cover the basics and then take a big bite out of your content audit.


Are all your digital assets still relevant and aligned with your business goals and target audience?


How engaged is your audience with your content? Are they sharing, commenting, or otherwise interacting with your content?


How effective is your content at driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing conversions?


Does your content provide genuine value to your audience? Does it educate, entertain, or solve a problem for them?

Engagement = Revelevance & Value = Performance

It’s pretty obvious that by answering these questions you’ll evaluate success metrics, identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy that aligns with your business objectives and target audience.

But if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it successfully already. The problem isn’t the auditing… it’s how the audit translates into decisions that get implemented.

Lost In Translation

✅ You know you need effective content marketing.

✅ You may even know that to do that you need to focus on creating authentic, valuable, and shareable content that fosters lasting connections with your audience.

✅ You know that by conducting a thorough content audit, you can assess the performance of your existing content, identify gaps and weaknesses, and develop a data-driven strategy for creating and distributing new content that resonates with your audience…

But how do you translate the data into decisions like:

  • What content to post?
  • What systems to set up?
  • What tools to deploy?

You do your due diligence and test.

One of the best parts about organic content marketing is that, unlike ad sets, you’re not paying to test. It’s free to test. And you’ll get real-time results.

So the faster and more frequently you audit, the sooner you’ll know what you create more of, what to stop posting, and what you test that you haven’t tested yet.

While you may never know all the systems and tools the best businesses use, everyone knows the content they use because it’s public.

The Auditors Secret

The secret that the best auditors all know is this:

Audit multiple accounts – not just yours!

With Creatrix you can do a public audit on anyone’s content.

Creatrix Audits

⚡️Your social media to see what’s working best for you

⚡️Your Competitor’s social media to see what’s working best for them

⚡️Inspirational social media to give you creative ideas on what to post next

⚡️Your dream clients’ social so you can pitch them insights they didn’t see coming

More than an Audit

Creatrix is your auditing tool that synthesizes your creative strategy with data-infused analysis into a powerful system that delivers you your exact content plan.

Auditing is an ongoing process that requires regular evaluation. And when you translate the stats and facts into focused content, you will have an exact treasure map guiding you toward wild success.

A success that’s sustainable.

“Give us this day our daily audit”

Ready to get started?

Audit your content with Creatrix.

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