Creatrix Emulator

Emulate the top-performing posts in your niche every day! No more guesswork – start with great work! Get a constant flow of top-quality ideas. Never get stuck with what to post on social media again.

What is the Creatrix Emulator?

Your Superior Idea Generator

The Creatrix Emulator is an idea generator based on top performing posts that tells you what to post next on social media.

It audits the top account in your niche

Then takes insights from the most popular posts and

Turns the posts into 3 new ideas (emulating the original post)

Plus it gives you 3 additional post format options for a video, image, and carousel post.

Why is this better than ChatGPT & Repurposing AI Models?

Summations & Assumptions Versus The Superiority of SPECIFICS

ChatGPT is a summation of social media best practices so it gives non-specific, generic ideas. It doesn’t offer real-time audience sentiment based on niche data that reflects up the audience you serve.

Cutting your existing podcasts and blogs into social media only works if you’ve done extensive audience research on topics your audience is most passionate about and that you already know the format they most like to receive their information. For most, it’s just to churn quick easy content. Social media posts that don’t get you results are a waste of time.

The Creatrix Emulator audits thousands of posts to bring you the 1% of the most popular posts so that you start from a baseline of brilliance and leverage excellence. There’s no guessing what could work because the posts already have worked. Now you get to put your spin on them to customize and suit yourself. Plus you get multiple additional formats to include.

Real-time data insights in seconds = all your posting prep done for you!