Stop the churn! We’re not hamsters, we’re Creators. No more Gary Vee, we’ve only got time for Creativity.

No one wants to see mounds of sawdust content from wizened exhausted little grey people, we crave the surprise, delight, and the unexpected.

Who wants to see more of the same? It’s inane, boring, and quite simply, a total waste of space and time. It’s no wonder we’re overwhelmed, drowning in the sewage of bad, over-produced generic content.

We treat content like throw-away scraps by focusing on all the wrong things, churning fast cheap content to schedule and post, instead of investing in the future where…

Content is Currency

Our social media posts are literally little money-makers. They magnetize our next sale IF, and only if we treat them as valuable as they are.

They work for us 24/7 while we’re sleeping, signaling like lighthouses to potential clients, customers, and consumers, twinkling with a virtual wave, “Hello! We’re over here! Come join in!”

Each post is a little opportunity maker, an invitation to connect with our businesses and brands.

Content acts “as if” as micro-representations of what we offer, the problems we solve, and the value we bring.

Our platforms give people access to all that we do and how to get it.

Posts are payment that buys attention.

It’s time we started treating content as currency because that’s exactly what it is.

Take it from an actual Wallett. I know big value when I see it.

Deal in Content

Think of it this way – just like how you need a financial advisor to help you manage your money and grow your wealth, you also need a team of advisors, investors, managers, and auditors, to maximize the potential return of your content.

Because let’s face it, when you do it right, content is an appreciating asset.

“The future of marketing will be centered around organic content marketing that we invest, manage, and audit – just like we do with our finances.”

– Lauren Wallett

I’ll skip the advice part, because you’re already here, in the best place to learn everything you need to about content as currency so let’s dive into the ideal triple-play strategy for your content.

Invest – Manage – Audit

Content Investment

There are two major ways: Content Types and Distribution Platforms.

The 4 major Content Types

Content Creation (what you make, write, design, record, film, and photograph)

Content Coordination (the existing content you have to repurpose and reuse)

Content Curation (the content you gather to repost and share as it relates to your brand)

Consumer / Customer / Client Generated Content (often the most valuable content – content that is made free for you, by people who love what you do. You get this by investing in building relationships with your audience)

Content Distribution

Covering the basics:

Just like financial investments, you’ll invest in your content on select platforms to see long-term returns.

You’ve already allocated resources, time, and budget to create a full range of content types and now you’ll leverage your content through various platforms and channels for distribution.

Distributed Content = The Regenerative Return

By nurturing your content assets, you create valuable resources that drive audience engagement, fosters brand loyalty, and generate lasting returns, mirroring the role of financial assets in securing the financial future of your business. Just like that!

Content Management

Assets need proper management. This includes creative strategy, planning, creating, and distributing content so that you can audit it.

Proper content management, like money management, requires a team effort.

Read this for the types of teams you’ll need.

The best way to manage your content is to have a dedicated content repository or content bank. Read more about how to start a content bank here.

Content Auditing

You know you’re a professional content investor and manager when you’ve started to regularly audit your content portfolio.

Basically, this involves assessing the performance of your existing content, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, and identifying areas for improvement.

By conducting a thorough content audit, you can develop a data-driven content strategy that ensures your content is consistently meeting your audience’s needs and driving engagement.

To invest in content effectively, regularly audit your content portfolio.

This is where Creatrix auditing and forecasting software comes in.

But with Creatrix, auditing is a lot more nuanced and specific than your typical generalized sweeping audit.

That’s because Creatrix doesn’t just audit, it gives in you a tangible action plan for your next content cycle.

Wait, when did content auditing get cool?

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Wait, when did content auditing get cool?

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