Content Forecasting creates a content plan to generate results that drive revenue. This service is offered exclusively through Malva Media with Creatrix Intuitive Marketing Software. Creatrix automates content forecasting & strategy for growing companies.

Welcome to the future of marketing

Imagine if you only posted content that grew your audience, deepened engagement, and got you more sales. Well, that’s exactly what you get with content forecasting.

What is content forecasting?

Content forecasting is a process of using data analysis to predict the future performance of your posts. It analyzes specific data from your social media platforms, tracks the results your content gets, and sets benchmarks so that you know:

What to post, what not to post, and what ideas to create experimental content with.

How does content forecasting work?

Content forecasting works by examining your existing content. Based on your historical results, you’ll get your next posting plan. Plus ideas for your new and improved content strategy.

Results are measured on a per-post basis. Content forecasting is not about content reach. Only the results (the interactions per post) count toward your future plan.

Based on specific results, each post is analyzed and broken down into content categories and titles so that you know what type of content to make more of, how to combine elements that work, and what not to ever post again.

What does content forecasting give you?

You get a comprehensive content plan customized to you based on your best-performing posts plus a future strategy to implement.

Who is content forecasting for?

Content forecasting is for:

  • Content creators
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Small business owners who do their marketing in-house

How does Creatrix do content forecasting?

Creatrix is the intuitive marketing software that pulls the data from each social media channel you’ve posted to, categorizes, and analyzes each post to be processed into your future content plan. It uses machine learning and AI to analyze your top-performing posts into your categorized content plan of what to post next.

How do I get content forecasting?

To see if you qualify for content forecasting, email with the social media channel you’d like forecasted.

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