From captivating intimate moments to her iconic style statements, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed is a constant source of intrigue for her 356 million followers. With every post, she effortlessly spins her life into marketing gold, setting the standard for social media engagement. In a world that’s constantly on the move, how does Kim keep her content relevant and engaging – and how to do we keep up with her? In this detailed analysis, we delve deep into her Instagram presence, breaking down the elements that make-up most popular posts. We’ve studied every post from Jan 1st, 2022, to May 23rd, 2023, and are here to spill the secrets behind Kim Kardashian’s most-liked Instagram posts.

Ready to decode the Kardashian effect? Let’s dive in.

Learning From the Best: Kimberly Kardashian’s Social Media Prowess

Kimberly Kardashian, the undisputed queen of modern-day marketing, offers invaluable lessons on maintaining relevance and popularity on social media.

With her shrewd understanding of audience interests, she masterfully curates content that not only resonates with her followers but also sets trends.

Kim’s consistent ability to command attention shows her profound understanding of the dynamics of social media engagement.

For anyone aspiring to shine on social media, Kim’s Instagram strategy is a masterclass.

Audit & Tell

[Jan 1st 2022 – May 23rd 2023]

The Power of Romance: Petey-Baby!

Kim’s romance with Pete Davidson was a hit, dominating her Instagram feed with intimate, candid moments.

The most popular post, featuring Pete affectionately nuzzled against Kim’s neck, is her most liked post since Jan 1st, 2022 until now.

The picture shows Pete, like an overgrown tattooed baby in pale contrast to Kim’s metallic, bronzed perfection. Their half-finished diner food and drinks scatters the table and the perspective all points to Kim.

Framed perfectly, Kim commands attention without even facing the camera. This is quintessential Kim – multitasking and looking drop-dead gorgeous while doing so. She’s eating diner food, loving her man, engaging with someone else (supposedly) all while striking the perfect pose, looking drop-dead gorgeous.

If a photograph was fully staged reality TV this is it.

The “Pete fling,” as we’re calling it, gave us four out of Kim’s top ten most-liked posts.

Kimberly Klassic: Black Bikini

Kim’s simple yet stunning black bikini is a crowd favorite, contributing to 50% of her most-liked posts this year. The top two posts feature Kim solo in her black triangle bikini, with the third most-liked showcasing just the bikini bottoms.

She should call this bikini: The Kimberly Klassic and sell it immediately.

The closest we found in her collection is the Rhinestone Triangle Bikini.

Like a Mother

Next up on the popularity scale is the adorably authentic family content. The only post in her top ten that wasn’t about Kim or Kim and Pete features her children, and it’s evident that fans adore these glimpses into her personal life. Posts with her sisters also perform exceedingly well.

We call these:

Sisters Doing It For Themselves


[Jan 1st 2023 – May 23rd 2023]

The Unexpected: Harvard Journey

Kim’s venture into academia took her followers by surprise. The Harvard post not only broke the mold of her usual content, it also sent a powerful message about the value of education, adding a new depth to her public persona.

The post invites conversation and speculation, further increasing engagement. By continuously challenging her followers’ expectations and revealing new facets of her life, Kim manages to maintain her status as a captivating and evolving figure in the public eye.

Her “Kim Goes to Harvard” post is the most popular of 2023 and the ninth overall since Jan 1st, 2022. It’s a power move that clearly resonates with her audience, reinforcing the idea that intelligence is sexy.

Rising Trend: Hot Pink Alert

We’ve spotted a trend – hot pink!

Three out of the top ten posts are hot pink-themed, spanning from posts featuring her kids to her own fashion moments. Kim, if you’re reading this: we recommend posting more hot pink in the future to confirm this trend!

Couture Kim

A trend we’ve observed since her days with Kanye is “Fashionista Kim”. Couture Kim is a vibe her followers appreciate and make it into her top 10.

Kim’s Next Best Steps:

Based on our analysis, here’s what we recommend Kim should focus on next:

  • No pressure, but get a new unexpected boyfriend…
  • Capitalize on the popularity of her black bikini – it’s time to market this classic look. She should call this bikini: The Kimberly Klassic and sell it immediately. The closest bikini we found in her collection is the Rhinestone Triangle Bikini.
  • The hot pink trend is on the rise – it’s worth testing what happens when she posts more in this hue.

We look forward to seeing how she’ll shape her Instagram in the future!

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