Is success as simple as rinse and repeat like Amy Porterfield says it is? We know her audience hopes it is! We investigate her audience’s sentiment to find out what content brings her the big bucks so you can do the same…

$82 million in revenue. More than 50,000 students her online courses. Over 1 million downloads in her podcast Online Marketing Made Easy, every month


Amy says it’s simple:

“Growing my email list. Creating 1 digital product. Rinse. Repeat.”

It may be true for Amy but could it be true for you? Here’s how to tell. For free.

Learn from Amy Porterfield’s Social Media Success

By analyzing and emulating Amy Porterfield’s top-performing social media posts, you can harness the power of her strategies to elevate your own business. This doesn’t mean copying her style, but rather understanding the underlying themesaudience sentiment, and trends that make her posts so engaging and effective.

If it’s really as simple as rinse and repeat, then there is no better person to emulate than Amy, right?

Amy Porterfield’s Top 10 Posts

[1st January 2023- 23rd October 2023]

Outlier Post

We’re ignoring her top post because not everyone can emulate a husband wearing a “My wife is a New York Times best-selling author” shirt. So, moving on…

Top Post

5 of her top 10 posts are text posts.

Video Content

Her top 4th and 6th post is a video, making up only 20% of her top 10 posts.

Top Themes

Self-acceptance and Individual Journey:

The posts emphasize the importance of embracing one’s own journey, not comparing oneself to others, and understanding that everyone’s path to success is unique.

Entrepreneurship and Passion:

There’s a strong focus on pursuing one’s dreams, especially in the context of entrepreneurship. The idea is that while traditional jobs might offer stability, following one’s passion can lead to greater fulfillment.

Courage and Commitment:

The posts encourage taking risks, going all in, and staying committed to one’s goals, even in the face of fear or uncertainty.

Audience Sentiment:


The posts are designed to inspire and motivate the audience to take action and believe in themselves.


The content prompts introspection, encouraging the audience to think about where they are in their journey and where they want to go.


The messages empower readers to take control of their destiny, emphasizing the idea that they have the power to shape their own path to success.


Motivational Text Designs:

There’s a trend of using motivational quotes in visually appealing text designs to capture attention and inspire the audience.

Personal Stories:

The video about Amy and her book in Times Square suggests that sharing personal success stories or milestones can be a powerful way to connect with the audience and inspire them.


Workshops or Webinars:

Given the motivational nature of the content, there’s an opportunity to host workshops or webinars to delve deeper into the themes of entrepreneurship, passion, and personal growth.


Collaborate with influencers or individuals like Amy to share more personal stories and journeys, providing real-life examples of the messages being conveyed.


Considering the motivational quotes, there’s potential for merchandise like posters, notebooks, or apparel with these quotes to further engage the audience.

Content Inspiration:

Interview Series:

Start an interview series with entrepreneurs or individuals who have taken the leap to pursue their passions, discussing their challenges, successes, and learnings.

Interactive Challenges:

Launch a 30-day challenge where followers commit to taking a small step towards their dream every day, fostering community engagement and support.

Behind-the-Scenes Content:

Share the process of creating these motivational designs or videos, giving the audience a glimpse into the creative journey.


Share stories or testimonials from people who have been inspired by the content and have taken steps towards their dreams.

Amy Porterfield Emulation Plan

We took Amy’s text posts and created emulations for you to test…

Original Post #1

“Entrepreneurship is not a race against others, it’s a journey of discovery and growth. Embrace where you are right now, knowing that every step is leading you to your own version of success.”

x3 Emulation Ideas:


“Marketing isn’t about outdoing competitors; it’s about understanding and serving your audience. Celebrate every connection you make, knowing each one brings you closer to your vision.”


“Every brand has its own story. Don’t rush yours; let it unfold organically. Each chapter you write brings clarity and growth.”


“In the world of business marketing, it’s not about speed but direction. Stay true to your brand’s voice, and success will find its way.”

Original Post #2:

“Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter ten. Stay committed to your own journey and trust that your unique path will lead to greatness.”

x3 Emulation Ideas:


“Your marketing strategy is unique, just like your business. Don’t measure your start against another’s peak. Trust your process and the results will show.”


“Every brand had a day one. Stay committed to your marketing vision, and remember that consistency will pave your road to greatness.”


“In the marketing world, comparison can be the thief of joy. Focus on your brand’s unique voice and journey, and watch it resonate with your audience.”

Original Post #3:

“Your desk job may provide stability, but your dream job will ignite your soul. Summon the courage to pursue your passions and watch the magic unfold.”

x3 Emulation Ideas:


“Traditional marketing might give you a steady flow, but innovative strategies will set your brand on fire. Dare to think outside the box and witness the transformation.”


“You might be comfortable with old marketing tactics, but embracing the new can elevate your brand like never before. Take the leap and let your passion guide you.”


“Playing it safe in marketing might keep you afloat, but taking calculated risks can propel you to new heights. Trust your instincts and watch your brand thrive.”

Original Post #4:

“Go all in, no matter how scared you are. Playing small only delays your inevitable success.”

x3 Emulation Ideas:


“Dive deep into your marketing strategies, even if it feels daunting. Half measures won’t get you the results you desire. Commit fully, and watch your business flourish.”


“Fear might hold you back from trying that new marketing tactic, but remember: greatness often lies just outside your comfort zone. Take the chance and see the difference.”


“In marketing, as in life, playing it safe can lead to missed opportunities. Go all in with your strategies and campaigns, and let your brand shine brighter than ever.”

Maybe it’s not Rinse and Repeat?

Part of the beauty of using a super tool like Creatrix is customization. Maybe you don’t want to sound like Amy Porterfield? It sure sounds a lot like generic chatGPT doesn’t it? That’s because when someone is as popular as Amy, there are millions of copy cats – especially when that’s what Amy advocates for.

Why Originate when you can Template?

Sure you can photocopy and add your own flavor OR you can strike your own cord with what resonates for you.

What’s your unique way to motivate, reflect and empower? Take popular audience sentiment and make it yours.

Or go in a totally new direction.

We advocate for ORIGINALITY. So take the data insights and go your own way. Template your designs, not your voice!

Here’s our take as an absurd Amy…

Absurd Amy’s Alternate Advice

Original Post #1: “Entrepreneurship is not a race against others, it’s a journey of discovery and growth.”

3 Alternative Ideas

  1. “Entrepreneurship: It’s not a race, because who even knows where the finish line is?”
  2. “Journey of discovery? More like wandering aimlessly in a business maze.”
  3. “Growth in entrepreneurship? Like watching paint dry in a room you’re not sure you even like.”

Original Post #2: “Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter ten. Stay committed to your own journey and trust that your unique path will lead to greatness.”

3 Alternative Ideas

  1. “Your chapter one, their chapter ten? Maybe they just have a shorter book.”
  2. “Stay committed to your journey, even if it feels like you’re reading a manual on how to get lost.”
  3. “Unique path to greatness? More like a detour to the bizarre.”

Original Post #3: “Your desk job may provide stability, but your dream job will ignite your soul.”

3 Alternative Ideas

  1. “Desk job: Where dreams go to file paperwork.”
  2. “Dream job? More like a wild goose chase in a sleep-deprived haze.”
  3. “Ignite your soul? Or just set your lunch break on fire.”

Original Post #4: “Go all in, no matter how scared you are. Playing small only delays your inevitable success.”

3 Alternative Ideas

  1. “Go all in, and watch as the universe shuffles the deck.”
  2. “Playing small? At least you won’t lose big.”
  3. “Inevitable success? More like unpredictable mess.”


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